Our bead dispenser device is useful for delivering Lubrikote Graphite or Non graphite beads into the shot sleeve at the injection side of the High Pressure die casting machines. The dispensers are commonly in use on High Pressure die casting machines tonnage ranging from 250 T to 3000 T machines.The use of bead is a preferred choice for Die casting companies due to it ease of operation and maintains a clean working environment.


icon bead1
Easily adjustable
icon bead2
Easy to operate,
convenient in
loading the beads
icon bead3
Digital display
and control
icon bead4
Quantity of beads
can be adjusted
and dosed precisely

icon bead5
No blockage of
dosing lube
icon bead6
Fully automatic with
no manual intervention
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Suitable for beads sizes from 0.5 mm to 3 mm .