In the fast-evolving electronics industry, a proven and quickly adapting release agent partner is vital. As components become more complex and the manufacturing process becomes ever more precise, Lubrikote remains at the forefront of customer needs.

Through a collaborative approach, we help die casters find a solution to improve the efficiency and quality of the parts they supply to the electronic industry.

At Lubrikote, we are always walking hand-in-hand with the fast evolving electronics and consumer durables industries in India. As the requirements of our customers change swiftly, we are able to work collaboratively to support them by providing the best products that will enable them to release intricate components from moulds without any glitches. Through a consultative approach, we help our customers achieve production efficiency while supporting and improving product quality.

As Aluminium and magnesium castings are used in laptops, cell phones and hard discs, our chemist have created tailor made releasants to meet the stringent demands of our customers.

In the Lighting Industry, technological supremacy and declining prices are the key reasons for the aggressive adoption of LEDs across all end user segments. Emergence of smart cities is expected to augment need for energy-efficient lighting over the next few years. There is a need of release agents to produce high quality die cast products at cost effective prices.

All our products are compatible with the HPDC application processes that are used by our customers.

We supply die casting lubricants and coatings for the HPDC process to produce die cast parts like LED casings and heat sinks.

Our die casting lubricants and coatings aid in producing die cast parts such as fan base plates from the HPDC process.

Our die casting lubricants and coatings are used in producing die casting pulleys used in washing machines.

The process of HPDC efficiently produces die cast parts such as heat sinks using our die casting lubricants and coatings.

Our Die Casting Lubricants are used in producing castings for positive electrodes for the batteries used in Automobile Industry.

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