These are water soluble chemicals that are sprayed on to the die surface to prevent soldering of the metal and facilitate extraction of the casting.

As an intrinsic aspect of pressure die-casting, a die release agent is needed to extract the component from the die mold. In the foundry world, they are also called “Die Lubes”.

Plunger Lubes

Plunger lubricants minimize the wear to the plunger tip and sleeve, thus increasing its lifetime and reducing the downtime for replacement. They also help provide a seal around the tip to prevent intensification pressure issues from molten metal leaking around the plunger tip.

Ladle Coating

This is a special coating used for the protection of cast iron and steel tools in contact with molten Aluminium.

Its most common application is in protecting pouring ladles in pressure or gravity die casting foundries since it has non-wetting properties, is highly resistant to thermal shock and affords extended corrosion resistance.

Ancillary Products

The die cast press has a complex process which need precision and flexibility that suits the configuration set-ups and meet the quality and volume output requirements. To maintain the quality and efficiency of the production of parts, Lubrikote has a number of products and solutions customised for every need.

Granular Fluxes

For over 2 decades, our foundry fluxes have been in use at Aluminium foundries. Over the past few years, the auto component industry has witnessed a significant change from powder to granular fluxes in a bid to reduce process costs and improve the working environment. Granular fluxes can be applied with Flux Injectors and Degassing machines.

Rotor Shaft Coating

Rotor shaft coating contains insulating minerals, boron nitride together with thixotropic agents making it resistant against liquid metal erosion.

It is recommended for application on pre-cast ceramics, refractory materials and graphite rotor and shafts. It is durable, improves product life and is environmentally friendly.

Lubrikote Die Coating

The Lubrikote Die Coating products are formulated that consist of a blend of insulating mineral compounds, water, binder and additives. These coatings are suitable to coat several sections of the Die. These coatings are used in reducing Engine parts and alloy wheels both 2 and 4 wheelers.


Our premium range of hydraulic fluid products is widely accepted in the die casting plants in India and in the international markets as well.

Our Water Glycol series can also be used in steel plants and the mining industry.