Automotive manufacturers are leaning towards weight reduction which in turn is increasing the use of Aluminium in vehicles. Aluminium, being much lighter than steel but of the same strength, is gradually replacing steel in the automobile industry.

To help produce these parts with good quality and least defects newer product and chemistries have evolved. Traditionally, Aluminium was used for wheels, cylinder blocks and other engine parts. Now, it is even used in interior decorations, bumper beams, brake components etc. Aluminium die cast components are expected to be used as structural parts in electric vehicles. At Lubrikote, we are consistently striving to innovate and develop products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our exclusive series of die release agents, lubricants, coatings and related chemistries are aimed at improving efficiency, quality and value, in turn leading to better productivity of our customers.

We have developed an organization with a deep focus on providing the right solutions with our specialized products to our customers, the auto-component manufacturers, who are the backbone of the automobile industry in India and the world.

By providing a range of customized release agents to specialty coatings, we ensure that they are able to achieve their production goals smoothly.

Our complete portfolio of release agents is aimed at OEMs and suppliers producing die casting parts for the motorcycle and car industry.

2 & 4 Wheelers - Non-Electric and Electric

We supply die casting lubricants and coatings to the HPDC, GDC and LPDC processes to produce engine an non engine aesthetic die cast parts .Our new generation release agents have found an application for die cast parts used in Electric Vehicles.

We also supply forging lubricants to the forging process equipped with Mechanical and screw presses to produce forging parts such as gears, crankshafts, axles & more

We have also introduced a range of forging lubricants chemistries both in graphite and non graphite for aluminuim forgings.

Our fire resistant hydraulic fluids are used in the hydraulic system of the HPDC, GRAVITY and LOW PRESSURE die casting machines to avoid any fire hazards.

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